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#2019 #MakeupTrends

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Last year, saw a lot of #metallics and although that trend isn’t quite ebb, we’re certainly going with the flow. Bronze tones on the eyes are still a must. Hello 90’s...neutral browns are making the come back, giving a more overall #natural look. Overall complexion has turned from a major #highlight and #contoured look to a natural illuminated face. A #dewy face with a touch of #blush is most requested. With Spring right around the corner we’re using berry and muted pink colors to spice up our winter feels on the cheeks. Lips are being featured for the first time in a long time with the in-trend of #RED. The sum of a light complexion, popped eyes in neutrals and a bold lip equals what we think is what you’ll see going down the aisle. Not sure what red is best for you? Perfect reason to request a trial. So when shall I schedule you?

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